burlesque costumes gloves The-Art-of-Taking-Off-the-Glove

The Art of the Glove
Long, sheer with a sexy seem.  Irresistible!
Super sexy steampunk sequined gloves!
Eye catching metallic!
Dramatic shoulder length opera gloves
Elegant soft leather.
Dark brown leather lace ups
Fingerless floral
Super hot grey and black lace up fingerless gloves.  They really complete a unique look.
To complete a Gothic or circus themed look, try  these
Back in the day, when just the slightest amount of skin shown was a big deal; Burlesque performers could really work their audiences by taking their time to show a little ankle and of course, by taking off their gloves in an epic way!
Whether they are going to come off during your act or not, gloves really complete a look.  They punctuate the movement of the arms and hands; and give a classy, polished look.  They can be glamorous, punk rock, delicate and girly; or whatever style you are going for.  
Taking a glove off can be a big statement when done with intention and style.  It lets the audience know that a striptease is beginning.  It draws them in and gets them excited with anticipation.  This simple yet powerful statement is very, very sexy.
Gloves can be removed by either pulling from the fingers or by peeling from the bottom.  Pulling from the fingers is most commonly seen, it is very sexy and you can really take your time with it.   First, when you are puting on your gloves, be sure to not make them so tight against your fingertips that there is no fabric to grab.  I bit my fingertip so hard during a performance once, because I did not leave any room to grab. Ouch!  

To begin, use your teeth or your other hand and start with your pinky or pointer finger.  Bite or grab the fingertip of your glove and start to pull the glove by that finger; but only an inch or two.  Work through the fingers in order, depending where you started:  pinky, ring, middle and pointer; or the other order. You can also pull  the thumb, but not necessary and unless done well, it  can look clumsy.   Once  the fingers are partially pulled as such, grab the middle finger; or middle and one other; pointer or ring, and pull the glove from your hand.  Slow is always alluring, but if fast suits your choreography then great.  

Some things to think about:  

Musicality and intention:  Make each moment deliberate. Take your time with each finger grab or bite.  Use musical cues for timing.  Draw the focus of the audience to this process by taking your time with the build up.  When the glove finally comes off it's a big deal!

Performance quality:  Always be aware of what the rest of your body is doing.  Are you in a still pose?  Are you legs motoring.  Are you turning?  Tease the audience with your whole body while the de-gloving is happening;  or be still in a sexy pose to really draw focus to the glove.  Be aware of your facial expression.  Are you looking at the audience,  or are they voyeurs catching you taking off your gloves in a private moment?  Make sure the newly revealed hand is doing something appealing.  

​Gloves can come off at anytime during your routine. Typically they are taken off towards the beginning of a striptease.  This lets the audience know that a striptease is about to take place. 

It is also important to think about what to do with the glove once it's removed.  You can toss it right away, twirl it or use it to caress your body.  Anything goes!  Be intentional with your choreographic choice with what you do with your glove once it's off.

For fingerless gloves, or to do something different with full gloves;  you can peel them off from the bottom.  This can be tricky if the gloves are tight.  It can look akward if not done smoothly.  So first, make sure your gloves are not super tight.  Grab the bottom of the glove and peel up your arm until it is off.  The glove will be inside out when it's off.  This happens in one motion, as there is no elegant stopping point.  It can be done slowly or quicky.  The key is to not jerk or move the gloved hand around.  Avoid pulling with the gloved hand; let the hand that's doing the pulling do the work.  All of the tips above on musicaliy and performance quality still apply.

The other option is to leave the gloves on as part of the cosutme during the routine.  If you are not stripping, gloves can be a wonderful component to costume.  The give a sense of completion to any look.
Some tips on taking of gloves:
Dita sure knows how to work a glove!
Complete your look with any of these varying styles!