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Pole Dancing
Check out these amazing at home pole dancing instruction program!  For the amateur enthusiast or the professional pole dancer. 
Some burlesque performers and enthusiasts believe that pole dancing is not a part of the burlesque genre.  It has exploded onto the fitness scene and millions of women are finding fun, fitness and empowerment by pole dancing.  
Pole dancing originates from ancient China and India.  Click HERE to read an informative article from the International Pole Dance Fitness Association.
History and Evolution of Pole Dancing
For professional pole dancers, there is a greater demand for artistry and class in the field.  International competitions feature some amazing pole dancers, and they give us inspiration to bring our best to this art form.
Here are some portable poles.
This starter kit has everything you need to start pole dancing in the comfort of your own home, right away!
Here are some instructional books and DVDs on the art form of pole dancing.  Enjoy!
Some more fun accessories for your pole dancing adventure!