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Bunny Yeager was a beautiful model; who became a famous pin up photographer.  She was a pivotal person in the career of Betty Page. Here is a wonderful book highlighting her work.
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Fun collectable Pin Up cards.
Offered for sale is a vintage original 1940s pin up print. A wonderful classic cheesecake entanglement featuring a radiant redhead beauty giving her pup a bath titled "Pay Off" by Art Frahm.Measures 7 1/4" X 9 1/4" 100% guaranteed vintage and original as always from Grapefruit Moon Gallery. 
U.S. WW2 Vintage Metal Sign: 1943 Harley-Davidson PinupU.S. WW2 Vintage Metal Sign: 1943 Harley-Davidson Pinup
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The Pin Up phenomenon began in the late 1800's.  Burlesque performers, actresses and models created photo cards of themselves to promote their image. Photo and painted pin ups quickly became popular.  These images were found in magazines, posters and calendars.  Some of the artists that created these images became more famous than the models themselves.  The peak popularity of the pin up phenomenon was probably during WWII.   Eventually movies were made featuring pin ups; including of course, Marilyn Monroe. 
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Wings of Angels
A beautifully presented, two-volume collection, uniquely chronicling the story and history of the most recognizable aircraft of World War II and the pinup girls whose images graced these legendary warbirds. Flying into combat with our boys, inspiring and providing our U.S. soldiers with sweetly seductive reminders of home, these pinups are a reminder of the All American good life GIs were fighting for.