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Burlesque Accessories and Fun Gifts
Enchanting Masks
Hair Accessories and Head Pieces
Wigs are so much fun.  Be anyone!
Fab Scraps Mini Burlesque paper collection booklet.  80 sheets. Only one left!  Great for any Burlesque enthusiast. 
Taking off a sexy shrug is a great way to add to a strip tease routine.
Accessorizing your Burlesque costume is fun.  Having the right accessories really punctuates and polishes you look. You can really develop your character with the right accessories.  You have your basics:  your glovesshoesmakeup and hair; now it's time to add that extra something that takes your look to the next level.  Get creative and go for it. 

 Having a head piece is considered essential by some.  Either a hat or a hair clip gives that finishing touch. Some accessories, such as wigs and masks can really help a new performer feel more confident. Featured on this page are the best deals we found on some of the most fun accessories.  

In addition to feather boas, shrugs and scarves can be a great part of a Burlesque costume.  For a strip tease, layers are needed. 

Also featured on this page are gift items for the Burlesque enthusiast.  Surround yourself with fun items that give you inspiration  and ideas.  Images of the icons and the art form of Burlesque remind us that being a Burlesque performer is a lifestyle.   

If you are into wigs, here is a great book on wig making and styling!
A fun Burlesque card game!
Chokers are undeniably sexy!
For the very special collector.  This photograph from the move "Lady of Burlesque"  is signed by the actors Barbara Stanwyk and Micheal O'Shea.  A rare historical collectable.
Special financing is available.  
Some more fun books and DVDs.
A flirty umbrella routine is always a crowd pleaser!
Burlesque inspired decor.
These aprons are hilarious!