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This look is ready to go and made famous by Cristina Agulera in the motion picture Burlesque.  
This amazing book gives ideas and how to instructions on taking any ordinary bra and turning it into a one of a kind costume.  Absolutely perfect for those who want to make custom costumes!
Flapper looks are popular.
Get your can can on and go!
Sexy super hero.
Ride 'em Cowgirl!
Va Va Voom. sequined corset and skirt.  with gloves
The big bad wolf better look out!
Naughty or Nice!
How to Create Your Burlesque Look
Just like everything else in Burlesque; when it comes to creating your personalized look:  anything goes!   Begin with thinking of your general persona.  You might have a different look for each routine you do; but every performer has a style and approach that is personal and resonates throughout their entire body of work.  Do you lean towards Victorian style?  Are you  and edgy baddass or sweet and feminine?  Do you resonate with the 50's pin up look or funky circus feel?  Think about what aspects of your personality you want to cultivate and unapologeticly bring out into the world.
Self expression is such a valuable thing.  With Burlesque we can exaggerate parts of ourselves that we normally keep in check in our everyday lives.  When people go to see a Burlesque show, they want to be entertained.  They want to see things that they don't see in regular life: the exquisitely beautiful, the outrageous, the glamorous or the hilarious.  What can you give?  Who do you want to be?  
For some, Burlesque becomes a way of life.  Their day to day fashion and makeup choices, home decor and general personality ooze Burlesque.  For others they get to explore an alter ego while maintaining a conservative daily life.  The beauty of Burlesque is that it can encompass all of us.
Whatever type of look you are going for, here are a some things to think about.  Complete your look from head to toe.  Your outfit should have continuity and attention to detail.  The components should coordinate and resonate with a certain style.  Hair and head piece, makeup, jewelry costume and shoes should work together.  
Creating and putting together costumes is a fun aspect of being a burlesque performer.  We are artists!  For so many of us, being a seamstress and costume designer is part of the excitement and drive of performing Burlesque. 
Throughout this website you will find individual pages on corsetsbustlesshoesgarters and hose, pasties and accessories.  You will also find pages on fans, boas, hair and makeup.  Whether you are making  your own or looking to purchase costume items, we want to make the process as enjoyable and easy as possible.
On this page we have some ready to go, complete looks.  If you are looking for something that you can just put on and go, we have lots of options and themes featured here.  
Here are some great Burlesque costumes just in time for Halloween!