how to do a feather boa dance Feather-Boa

Feather Boa
Jo Weldon give great instructions and advice on how to dance with a feather boa in her book.
​When it comes to feather boas, you get what you pay for.  The higher quality, the longer your boa will last.  A less expensive boa is fine for fun or practice, but they do tend to fall apart quickly; leaving feathers everywhere and looking shabby quickly.  For performance longevity, choose a high quality boa.
 Marilyn Maxwell in a feather boa. Silver screen poster.
A unique and very pretty white and jade boa.
Dancing with a feather boa is the epitome of glamour and sensuality.   The feel of the feathers on your skin creates an atmosphere of luxury that comes across to your audience.  A feather boa dance is a wonderful component to your Burlesque repertoire.