how to do a burlesque fan dance Fan-Dance

Burlesque Fan Dance
Jo Weldon give expert instructions and advice on fan dancing techniques in this DVD.
Only two left of these beautiful blush fans.  They measure 45 inches across and 23 inches high.  
The best way to learn how to fan dance is to practice and play with your fans.  The movement and shapes you can create will come naturally while you are dancing.  Good fans are an investment.  They take your Burlesque performance to the next level.  Professional and dramatic.

When performing a fan dance, always be aware of what your body, face and feet are doing.  It can be distracting to your audience if your feet are moving, or if your body is doing something that you are not aware of, while you are focusing on your fans.  The fans reveal and frame your body, legs, feet and face. 
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Silk Veil Fans are commonly used in belly dancing.  They make fantastic props for Burlesque!
For tips on how to use silk veil fans in your burlesque routine, check out Jo Weldon's  "Silk and Feathers" DVD above.
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