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It is said that in the 1830's Designs evolved into using heavy canvas with whale bode or steel structures.  They were lengthened and worn tighter and tighter.  In the Victorian era, the teenagers who had been laced up since they were small girls where unable to stand or sit for very long without the support of a corset. It's too bad they did not have Pilates back then.
Corsets date back hundreds, if not thousands of years.  In Europe, they have been known to be used since he middle ages. In the 1500's corsets were cone shaped.  They were itended to flatten a woman's stomach; but more importantly, they served to push her breasts up and together creating cleavage.
Here is a brief history on the evolution of the corset.
Corsets fell out of fashion in the 1700's.  The resurfaced in the 1800's.  They were used as a way to help hold women up, as they were considered to be fragile and week. Metal corsets were used, and even though they were considered the be a medical necessity, they wreaked havoc on women's health.  Even girls as  young as three were laced up into little bodices!
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