how to choose a burlesque name How to Choose Your-Burlesque-Stage-Name

How to Choose Your Burlesque Stage Name
OK.  Your stage name helps to define your Burlesque persona.  It is something you want to have longevity.  Choosing your stage name is like naming an extension of yourself.  Have fun and take your time with this decision.  It's best to choose a name and stick with it, rather than impulsively choose something that defines your mood of the day, rather than your big picture.  However, that being said, some impulse names really do stick.  So, there are no rules.  Does the name roll off the t tongue?  Does it command attention?  Does it resonate with you?  Can you see yourself being called this name five years from now?  

Think about your persona.  If your Burlesque image is subtle, and for example  a glamorized version of yourself; than altering your birth name or choosing a name that is not that outlandish might be the way to go. If your stage look and routines are outrageous or over the top sexy, think about a name that suites that style. 
Dita Von Teese was originally named Heather Renee Sweet.  She adopted the first name Dita in paying homage to the silent film actress Dita Parlo.  When she posed for playboy in 2002, she had to choose a sir name.  From a phone book, she chose Von Treese.  Playboy misspelled the name as Von Teese and she stuck wit it.  She is classy and elegent.  This name is more than just a stage name, as it has become her name as a star. 
One way to get the creative wheels turning is to think of adjectives or nouns from these different categories.   Put two or more together.  Use a street name plus one a category term, or choose just a single word stage name. Play around with different words and combinations until something pops.  You can put "lady"  "madame" or "miss" in front of your name.  The words listed below are meant to get your mind moving in the direction of your personalized stage name.  Use a thesaurus to get more ideas on different themes.  Do a Google and Facebook search to generate ideas and to help avoid using a name that's already claimed.  Words like "sugar" and "kitty" are so commonly used; avoid them unless you have a unique and outstanding combination within which to use them.

Sweet:  Sugar, honey, maple, marmalade, pudding, jam, sweet-n-low (ha), pie, cookie, tart, truffle, 

Cars and Bikes: Harley, charger, triumph, corvette, (we are not putting Porsche here) 

Flowers:  blossom, rose, daisy, 

Food:  tamale,  cayenne, cinnamon,  cherry,  

Alcohol:  (fruit of choice:  cherry, apricot... ) liquor, brandy,

Animals:  kitty, serpent, raven, minx. lynx, 

Bad girl:  sin, felony,  reckless, , 

Gems:  diamond, ruby, sapphire, 

Other:  ruffle, fire, steam, smoke, 

Foreign Languages:  Everything sounds sexier in French.  Translate a word into French, Italian, Spanish. . .  any language that relates to you or your character. It helps if the general public can pronounce it when they read it; and is easily translated. 

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When deciding on your Burlesque name, do your research.  Learn about the stars of Burlesque past and present. 
Good Luck!
Here are some more tips to get you going.