Burlesque bustles and costumes Bustles

Here is a beautiful long tulle Bustle skirt.  Truly classy and gorgeous
Making your own costumes is super rewarding.  Create a one of a kind look by taking classic Burlesque costuming; but add unique fabric specific to you.  Here are some perfect patterns to get  you started on making a one of kind bustles. For how to instructions on how to make your own corsets, click HERE.
Here is a complete look, ready to go.  A coreseted dress, ruffled skirt and bustle.
The Bustle skirt was a staple of Victorian era fashion.  Click HERE to read about the bustle in history.
HERE is a thorough article. from Maggie May Fashions, on the history of fashion in the Victorian time period.
HERE is a tutorial on how to make an 1870's bustle skirt.  You can adapt the process to create a modern or custom bustle skirt for your burlesque look.
In modern times we see bustles mainly on wedding dresses or ball gowns; however, there are some modern runway versions of the bustle making an appearance.  Downsized versions of the bustle are making it into everyday fashion.
A bustle is a common component of a classic Burlesque costume.  Bustles have taken on many styles:  feather bustles, tulle bustles or ruffled fabric, to name a few.  Whether your look is old school classic Burlesque, can can, modern, edgy or lacey feminine, there is a bustle for you.  

Making your own bustle is a great way to get the exact bustle to suit your look.  On this page you'll find links to tutorials on how to make bustles and patterns for different kinds of bustles; along with the best deals on bustles to purchase. Enjoy!