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Welcome to Burlesque ! 
          We are dedicated to all things burlesque!  This tantalizing art form has made a come back.  We are committed to providing information, inspiration and quality products to the community.  From the history and evolution, to news on what is  happening currently in the field.  

          Wether you are an admirer of burlesque, or an aspiring star; we have the information and products you need and want to enjoy the wonderful world of Burlesque!
On this site you'll find tons of great deals on costumes; books and DVDs.  We have searched for the best corests, boas, paisties and bustles.  Along with stylish shoes, hosery and makeup.  

We provide performance tips;  basic Burlesque instructions;  and advise on choosing a stage name and cultivating your unique look.  From tassel twirling to pole dancing there is something for everyone on this site.